Shenpix’s first-class Electric Field Therapy Apparatus FF9000 pursues“more effectiveness”which is performed with 5 new methods/functions.

In addition to its competitive price derived from our thorough cost reduction, this is the highest model with plenty of functions among our devices.


5 methods to pursue “More Effectiveness”

Shenpix’s FF9000 will help you to ease with your suffers such as headaches,stiff shoulders,insomnia and chronic constipation utilizing the electric field that is generated with high voltage, covers your body gently and enhances your original self-healing power.

Electric Field Application Board Stand (standard)

Enhance the effective and stable therapy

Form a strong electric field between the stand and electrifying sheet.This new electrifying method enables to form more stable electric field between the two poles. You can do a therapy with the electrifying sheet only, of course, this stand enhances more effective therapy for you.

Fluorescent Indication Panel

Bright and clear

The course you are taking is lit brightly.
The brightness is increased vastly and panel design was improved. Indication is made with the necessary items and bigger letters.

4 wave patterns and intermittent electrifying

Avoid sensory habituation and make more effective

4 waves realize the variation of electric field therapy.
In addition to the above, Shenpix FF9000 is newly equipped with intermittent electrifying system. It automatically repeats electrifying for 3 seconds and shutdown for 1 second.

Automatic Mode

Easy operation

FF9000 is incorporated with 3 automatic modes only requests to push 2 buttons.
Please start with the “soft” mode in case of the beginners and step up to “normal” then “strong” depending upon your condition.

Concentrated Electrifying Pads with vibration function (standard)

Treat the diseased part intensively

The electrifying pads are standard to be wound at the diseased part like joints such as shoulders, abdomen, waist, elbows or knees, and legs or shanks.
In addition to the electrifying function, these pads are equipped with vibration. You can enjoy the therapy feeling the comfortable vibration as well.