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The mankind can survive for a several weeks without foods, or a several days without water, but can not survive even a several minutes without any oxygen. As such a great importance of oxygen to us, we contemporary people have to consider its importance more.

Do you know the oxygen level has been declining?

It is saying that its level was 26% 100 years ago and nowadays its level has been decreased down to 21%. We start feeling suffocation at oxygen level of 19% and need oxygen mask at its level of 18%. In addition, diet disorder and stress and weariness accumulation of the contemporary people will influence badly to their internal environment, and there are increasing number of those who are lack in oxygen chronically.

Oxygen, inevitable to the cardiopulmonary functions.

The heart lasts its beating while being alive and it reaches about 100M times daily to circulate blood throughout the body. Surprisingly, the only source of this activity of the heart is oxygen supplied via coronary arteries.
How to supply blood effectively is a matter of life and death for the cardiopulmonary functions.Oxygen’s role.

Oxygen’s role.

What is the function of oxygen in your body?
This column will deal with the function of oxygen taken in the body.

 Diet
The fat-burning function will be enhanced with inhalation of concentrated oxygen and this will be effective as much as the aerobic exercise or more.

 Beautiful skin
Oxygen permeates among cells of all corners and enhances the metabolism, then keeps fresh, sleek and elastic skin.

 Reliving fatigue
Oxygen degrades lactic acid that causes fatigue.

 Prevention/Recovery of hangover
Oxygen accelerates the decomposition of acetaldehydes that cause headache or nausea.

 Injury
The cells of diseased part such as injured muscle/ligament or inflammatory/rehabilitation phases of post-break need a lot of oxygen for recovery.

 Concentration increment
The brain is the organ that most consumes oxygen. 25% of the total oxygen absorbed is supplied to the brain.