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Vast cabin inner space overwhelms oppression
We, Shenpix, are proud of a vast cabin inner space of our Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin which is not available with the capsule type.

Its 3 dimensional inner size of 1.07(W) x 1.73(D) x 1.82(H) with 2100-1.3ATA allows to bring in a fitness or relaxation
equipment depending upon your necessity.
Those who are claustrophobic can use this without any hesitation.

Besides, the door of 2100-1.3ATA sized 0.4(W) x 1.38(H)
allows smooth commutation.

Enables to use as a space of Aerobic Exercises or Relaxation Space

You can enjoy relaxation in the cabin such as a healing music appreciation or your fun of DVD’s. These make you relaxed. Power outlet and TV cable is a standard equipment.

Refresh you brain and feeling! You are fulfilled!

In addition, an aerobic exercise with fitness equipment will give you an effective practice and comfortable sweat.


Hyperbaric (Max. 1.3ATA) + Concentrated (Max. 50%) Oxygen
Shenpix’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin gives you 1.3ATA at the maximum (selectable among 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3ATA), and 50% of oxygen at the maximum (30-50% on average).

Duration time is also selectable among 30, 40, 50, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. You can set a timer as you need.

Shenpix’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin makes you refresh!

Easy operation with a touch-screen and full automatic control with the microchip

Shenpix’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin is equipped with easy foolproof operation system. Its setting is to touch the screen. The microchip controls from compression to decompression automatically.

For the safety, the cabin is equipped with emergency stop button and manual decompression lever. Shenpix’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Cabin is easy and safe to operate, and different from other manual operation types.