Shenpix's FA9001 is approved as a home use Electric Field Therapy Apparatus that realizes 9000 volts.

Considering daily usability, the body is designed as slim as possible despite it is the device allows the maximum performance of 9000 voltage.As Shenpix pursues its high performance, it equipped with 9patterns of whole body therapy and 3 patterns of partial therapy in combination of output wave and voltage patterns, and these make 12 patterns of therapy in total.

It shows the maximum therapeutic effects against habitual pains with its momentary high power via unique powerful output mechanism. It is authorized to ease the symptoms of headaches, stiff shoulders, insomnia and chronic constipation.

FA9001 equipped with a slim design (regardless of location) and a maximum capacity of 9000 volts will give you sufficient effects with the use of only 15 minutes daily.